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Providing tax tables since 2010.

We are an Adelaide based company specialising in solving issues for MYOB® users. We started with PAYG tax tables and expanded to repairs, conversion, confirmation issues etc.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

Single Touch Payroll Solutions
for MYOB® and other users

Taxable Payments Reporting for
required industries and
Government Entities(TPAR)

Employee Share Scheme
(ESS) Reporting

Sharing Economy Taxable
Payment Reporting SERR/SETP

Payment Summaries & EMPDUPE file
PSAR - PAYG Reporting

Amended Payment Summaries

Individual, Labour Hire, PSI &
Voluntary Agreement supported

Electronic TFN Declarations

Employee Share Scheme
(ESS) Reporting

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The Payroll Year

End of Year process
Starting a New Payroll Year
Reversing the process
Adjusting Payroll errors
Payment Summaries
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User Comments

You are a life saver, thank you so much. Will order again next year thanks again.

D from QLD

Well done on providing these, I agree with a lot of the sentiment that paying $500+ for small revision is opportunist and wrong. Please place me on your list for a 2012 update.

J from NSW

Thanks, MYOB must hate you :)

S from NSW

Thanks so much... saves me looking up the current tax table and adjusting manually... which I was fully prepared to do since MYOB ensnared the country into loving its product now they are ripping small business off by making us pay every year! Thanks again

T from QLD

Many thanks ... man this has saved me a bomb, I only have 2 employees but wanted to keep using to keep track of sick days and hols. Thanks so much for offering this.

T from NSW

I'm more then happy to pay $52 rather then the outrageous $500 odd dollars.

B from QLD

Thankyou very much. I certainly will recommend you. Cheers

T from NSW

Thanks for the prompt response; You have a goldmine of a business in the making - there is a lot of uproar about MYOB locking the tax tables into their system since v13- which is clearly a data change, not an application change, and therefore conveniently a way for them to force people to upgrade to a new version.

R from NSW

Thanks for the files. Loading of tables was easy and trouble-free. I have checked a couple against the ato reckoner and they are identical. Do you drive a Ferrari? If not, I'm sure if more people knew about you, you would! - Thanks again.

M from VIC

Thankyou, keep up the good work.

J from WA

You are a legend!

A from VIC

Thanks for your help in generating these - it is much appreciated!

T from QLD

Thanks, these are a great idea, much better than $50 a month to MYOB!

P from ACT

Good on you for providing this! We have been held to ransom by MYOB too long.

J from NSW

Awesome worked a treat. Thankyou

A from WA

Thank you so much. Everything is working well. I wish I had known about this in previous years! I will tell other users about this.

L from NSW

Thanks. Everything went swimmingly. I couldn't have been happier with the service you have offered, will definitely recommend your site to anyone who requires the same assistance.

A from TAS

Too easy, thanks so much.

A from SA

I have been using MYOB since it first came out for the Mac only. I remember when they used to charge something like $15 to download the updated Tax Tables. That was fine ... now they want $560 to renew annual support just so I can get the Tables. I have never used support in all those years. Outrageous!

When they rang me last week to encourage me to renew I let them know how I thought it was outrageous & that I am considering changing software. A simple Google of 'MYOB Tax Tables' found you!

I have installed your 2012 Tables & have checked. All good. Thank you for your initiative in providing this service & I will recommend this approach to all those I know who use Account Edge.

D from QLD

Thanks. It has worked perfectly. And thank you for creating this tool. MYOB are so silly. They have a great product but a miserly disposition.

H from WA

This is my 2nd year of using your tax tables. I have saved almost $1000. Thank you.

F from SA

I do hope that you are doing brisk business thank you so much for providing us an option

C from NSW

You're a genius, mate! Thanks SO much!!! This is the second year I've bought tables from you, and they are worth every penny, and then some! THANKS!!!!

Thanks as well for the info on how MYOB responded. We won't be updating our software, and will stick with 19.6 so we can continue to use your tax tables every year. You've saved our non-profit organisation a bundle. You rule!

L from ACT

Have processed our 1st pays for 2012/2013 today on MYOB v 19 using your FGH Tables. I am absolutely delighted with your product and service and the payroll went through like clockwork and all pays were spot on.
Please place me on your mailing list for future updated tables as they become available. With thanks,

J from TAS

Thankyou for offering this service. I, like many others, as a small business owner am tired of paying $500 every year for essentially a 12kB file.

T from NSW

I will be sure to tell others about your site as no one really wants to upgrade each year just for the tax tables.

S from NSW

Thanks very much Michael. Downloaded and installed successfully!

V from VIC

Thanks Michael for all your help and saving our church more than $500

M from NSW

Wow ~ great job Michael. This business with the tax tables is such a blatent rip off. I`m sure they will lose customers because of it. Thanks again.

S from NSW

I particularly appreciate your making the tables available for small businesses like mine that can not justify paying $750+ to MYOB for upgrades we do not need and MYOB cover that I would be lucky to use 1 or 2 times each year.

J from TAS

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