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We are an Adelaide based company specialising in solving issues for MYOB® users. We started with PAYG tax tables and expanded to repairs, conversion, confirmation issues etc.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

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Update regarding Confirmation Code Tool

Note - Comments here apply to all other versions of MYOB® from all regions (UK, US, NZ, Asia, etc) - contact us for more information.

FGH Tables have decided to discontinue providing the Confirmation Tool (10 Sep 2018). If you are stuck and MYOB won't provide a code, see here as an alternative.

By way of background, MYOB Australia have switched off automatic online confirmation for v19 - users are greeted with 'Unable to confirm this company file. You need to phone MYOB Customer Service for assistance'.

The reason is for force all v19 users to call them. When you call they will try to 'encourage' you to upgrade to AccountRight® Live. If you decline, they will/should provide a Confirmation Code and re-enable online Confirmation.

If the serial number belongs to you, MYOB is obliged to provide a Confirmation Code, whether you have a subscription or not. When you purchased your perpetual MYOB licence, there was no suggestion use of the software was for a limited period, you are entitled to indefinite use of the software - not up to the time MYOB think you should upgrade.

In their latest announcement about discontinuing support for v19 from Sep 2019, MYOB stated they will not stop licensed users continuing to use their v19 (or earlier) company files - in other words they will continue to provide Confirmation Codes for v19 users. Unfortunately it seems many Support Staff are telling callers otherwise - either no Confirmation Code is provided, or one is provided, however the user is told they will not be provided in future.

Some staff are telling callers all sorts of things, for example that their version 19 will have compatibility isses with newer computers and they therefore need to upgrade. Some are offered a 'longevity upgrade offer'. Firstly there are thousands of v19 users running it on Windows 10 with no compatibility issues. There may in the years ahead become a point where v19 won't run on a future operating system - however this is not now. Others are told they will have to call every 14 days to get a new confirmation code.

If the staff member refuses to provide a confirmation code for whatever reason, ask them to send you an email, explaining exactly why they are not providing a code. We would be keen to see a written statement from MYOB to a licensed user, that MYOB will not provide a confirmation code, or that they must call for all future codes etc.

If you are a licensed user and MYOB staff refuse to provide a code, in addition to asking them to put this in writing, we recommend that you lodge a complaint with ACCC against MYOB for 'Unconscionable conduct'. Their licensing model involves company file Activation and ongoing Confirmation, otherwise the file becomes read-only and useless. They are obliged to continue to provide Confirmation Codes to allow you to continue to use the program you paid good money for.

See link here for ACCC's page re 'Unconscionable conduct' - including a complaint link. MYOB are exploiting their power over your company file. Not providing a Confirmation Code is like purchasing a vehicle and then finding the manufacturer has remotely disabled your ignition system because they think you should upgrade your vehicle.

See these Forum links where Moderators and Forum Manager state Confirmation codes will be provided beyond Sep 2018:

Link 1 - see 2nd post by Steven_M

Link 2 - see post by Elizabeth_Adamson which includes offer by Suja Pillai - Forum Manager

Although FGH Tables no longer sells the Confirmation Tool, we will instead provide an alternative Confirmation Service by email.
For details click here.

The information below is for historical purposes only.



Confirmation Code Tool

All Aust and NZ Windows Classic Versions

Classic are all versions to 19.16 (19.sixteen) - .myo, .prm


Are you:
  • unable to access your MYOB company file as it is read-only?
  • unable to get through to MYOB for a Confirmation Code?
  • unable to confirm online for whatever reason?
  • sick of phoning MYOB for a Confirmation Code every few months?
  • worried MYOB might soon stop providing Confirmation Codes for your version?
  • finding MYOB has stopped providing Confirmation Codes for your version?

Note: This page is for users of the Classic range of MYOB® products (19.16 (19.sixteen) and below - eg includes v19.5) - NOT the latest 'Live' or cloud enabled .myox files. Users of Non-Australian versions of MYOB or ABSS should contact us for further information.

Every Activated MYOB® company file has a built in expiry date. To use the file beyond this date, you need to 'Confirm' the file. This involves sending your Serial Number and the Company File Code (CFC) to MYOB, and they will provide a Confirmation Code based on the same version as you are licensed for. For most users this happens in the background - depending on your settings - and so you may not know this is happening every few months. For more information about the Confirmation process, see Activation and Confirmation.

Some users cannot get through to MYOB, due to poor phone lines etc. We can provide an alternative means of Confirming your file. If it's a one off situation (such as your file is locked, you need access and as it is a weekend, you can't get in touch with MYOB) we can provide a temporary Confirmation code over the phone. This will get you through til Monday when you can contact MYOB.

For a long term solution, we can provide a small program (which we source from another supplier, so can take up to 3 business days to receive) that will allow you to generate your own Confirmation code. This can be useful for those overseas who have trouble phoning MYOB on their 1300 number.

This can also be useful for those who want to protect themselves against the possibility MYOB will one day stop providing Confirmation codes for your version of MYOB®.

While this may seem unlikely, this is exactly what happened in the UK some years ago. MYOB abandoned their UK users, sold their client list to a competitor and then gave notice that Confirmation will cease after a particular date, forcing all users to use other accounting software. This is a clear breach of MYOB's licence agreement with the users, but what the heck, there were only about 10,000 of them.

Currently MYOB are desperately trying to get all v19 (and below) users to upgrade and use AR2024 - to date they have tried a variety of tactics and have had moderate success. There may come a time when they threaten to stop confirming v19 files.

Generate your own Confirmation Code
We respect MYOB's right to protect their intellectual property and in no way encourage nor condone software piracy. We will not provide the Confirmation Tool unless you prove which licence you are entitled to. The Tool will be locked to your serial number and will work for all files with the same serial number. It will only work on Activated files - you will not be able to Activate a new file. The cost of the Tool is $185. This is what the tool will look like:


How the Confirmation Tool works:
The tool does nothing by itself. It does not prevent the ongoing need for Confirmation. The tool simply allows you to generate your own Confirmation code - instead of relying on MYOB Aust to provide the code.

When MYOB® prompts you to Confirm your company file, select 'Confirm By Phone' (from the drop down list) and Continue. The next screen will show you the current Company File Code (CFC) and a field to enter the new Confirmation Code. See image below as an example:


There is no need to call MYOB. All you need to do is enter the CFC into the Confirmation Tool and select number of Days to Expiry, then click Generate Code. Enter the generated code into the MYOB®'s 'Confirm by phone' screen and click Continue - your file will be Confirmed. If prompted, do not select Automatic Confirmation.

If your file is already read-only, to make the file useable again, select 'Confirm company file' from the Help menu.

The Tool is not available for subscribers to the Connected Accounting Program, MYOB's Partner program or Bookkeeper's program. These programs allow you to use your serial number only while your membership is active.

The Tool is not available if you are using someone else's serial number (such as your bookkeeper's) or if you have upgraded your company file to a higher version than you have purchased from MYOB. We can downgrade your file back to the correct version.

To Purchase
To prove you are a licensed user, and to ensure the tool works correctly with your company files, you will need to email the following:

  • your 4 digit Order No. - which will be displayed on the next screen
  • a screenshot of the Setup > Company Information screen from one of your files
  • a screenshot of the Help > About AccountRight screen from one of your files
  • proof of ODBC registration. Most users do not have ODBC registration, so we will presume you do not unless you confirm otherwise. See here

Fill in the details below and on the next screen make payment. Then email the above details to

We cannot send off your order until the above information is received.

Please fill in the order form below:

Your name*

Email Address*

Serial Number*


Aust Release Version*

I own a permanent licence for this version.

AntiSpam Code:

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Payment details on next screen.

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