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Providing tax tables since 2010.

We are an Adelaide based company specialising in solving issues for MYOB® users. We started with PAYG tax tables and expanded to repairs, conversion, confirmation issues etc.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

Single Touch Payroll Solutions
for MYOB® and other users

Taxable Payments Reporting for
required industries and
Government Entities(TPAR)

Employee Share Scheme
(ESS) Reporting

Sharing Economy Taxable
Payment Reporting SERR/SETP

Payment Summaries & EMPDUPE file
PSAR - PAYG Reporting

Amended Payment Summaries

Individual, Labour Hire, PSI &
Voluntary Agreement supported

Electronic TFN Declarations

Employee Share Scheme
(ESS) Reporting

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The Payroll Year

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Payment Summaries
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FGH Confirmation Code Service for .myo files

$12 per code (lasts approx 6 months - au)

Note 1: This page is for users of the Classic range of Australian MYOB® products version 19.16 (19.sixteen) and below - eg includes v19.5 (as well as AccountEdge® files) - however NOT the latest 'Live' or cloud enabled .myox files. If you have AR2024 or earlier and are having confirmation issues, see here.

Users of non-Australian versions (ABSS®, UK, US etc) - contact us for more information, inc cost.

Note 2: MYOB Aust should provide you a Confirmation Code for free, though you may have to wait on the phone for an extended time.

Note 3: This is a Confirmation Code Service, NOT an Activation Code Service. Confirmation Codes can only be provided for files previously Activated by MYOB.

Confirming your MYOB file
We can provide you with a Confirmation Code allowing you to immediately confirm your MYOB company file, as long as you are licensed to use MYOB®. See below.

MYOB Australia have several times now threatened to stop providing Confirmation Codes for v19 etc. While publicly assuring users they will provide codes beyond Sep 2019, they are doing their best to make it a difficult process. Some users are forced to call each time Confirmation is due, others are forced to confirm every few weeks.

MYOB is using Confirmation as a tactical weapon to force users to upgrade. We firmly believe in your right to use older versions if that is what suits you. We will therefore provide an alternative source of confirmation codes now and into the future, as long as there is a need - $12 fee per code applies. (Note: MYOB should provide you a code for free)

To ensure only licensed users are provided codes based on their licence, you will need to provide licence information from your current file. These details contain all the settings based on the last Confirmation Code provided to you by MYOB and is our way of ensuring MYOB have been providing you a code, and determining what your licence entitlements are.

When a Confirmation Prompt pop's up in MYOB®, you have 14 days to enter a code.

  • Step 1 - Generate bin file - Extract the licence details from your MYOB® company file
    (you only need to do this once per serial number):

    (No changes will be made to your file)

    A small .bin file will be saved to your default download location on your computer (usually Downloads folder), or in the location you specify. The name of that file will be your serial number with extension .bin, for example 611234567890.bin.

    We need this bin file to generate a Confirmation code as it tells us what you are entitled to under your MYOB licence. If for some reason you are unable to generate the .bin file use the 'Contact Us' form under 'Other' to let us know.

    If you have sent us a .bin file earlier for this serial number, there is no need to resend, simply let us know below. We will use the .bin file you supplied earlier.

  • Step 2 - Complete Order form below - Gather the relevant details Note the Serial Number and the current Company File Code from the 'Confirm by phone' screen.

    and submit your request below. Then complete Step 3 (email bin file) and Step 4 (payment) on next screen.

We will email you a code within 24 hrs. In the meantime you can continue to use MYOB® by selecting 'Confirm Later'.

Request Form

Serial Number and the current Company File Code can be found on the Confirm by Phone screen or under
Setup > Company Information > License button

Warning Ensure the current Company File Code (CFC) is entered.
The CFC changes with each Confirmation.
If you provide the wrong CFC, the code you receive will
not work and you will need to purchase a new one.

Your name*

Email Address*

Serial Number (12 digit no.)*

Company File Code (10 digit No.)*

Bin File*

AntiSpam Code:

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