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MYOB® v19 and Office 2016 (32 bit)
Emailing Issues

** See Update at bottom of page for most recent solution!

To stop 'Allow/Deny' prompt see this MYOB link - if this fails to solve, try Google as this issue is not specific to MYOB and there are ways to disable.

MYOB Crashes after sending one email
Users of Classic MYOB® programs such as Accountright Plus® v19 are reporting emailing problems between MYOB® v19 and Office 2016 (32 bit). Office 2016 is predominantly found on Windows 10 machines. When emailing payslips or invoices etc, MYOB® sends one email and then crashes. Some users have resorted to sending one email, closing and restarting MYOB® to send email number 2 etc.

On the Community Forum, MYOB Australia have acknowledged a compatibility issue between v19 and Office 2016, adding that AR2015.4 does not have this issue. MYOB also advised that their developers are working on a solution for v19.11. It has been several weeks since the issue was first identified. At this stage there is no solution from MYOB, other than to suggest users go back to Office 2013 or upgrade to AR2015.

Update - MYOB released v19.11.2 to address this issue for v19, so if you get your hands on this version, this will solve the issue. If unable to access this version, see 'Update 21 Feb 2016' below.

Suggested Solution

(superceded - see below)

Some users have managed to get around this issue by using a different emailing program. One that numerous users have recommended is eM Client - see www.emclient

The idea is to install eM Client and then set this as the default email program. When sending emails, MYOB® uses whatever email program is currently the default emailing program. You can continue to use Outlook 2016 for all other email by simply launching Outlook.

Setting eM Client as the default email program
This proved harder than it should have been. According to Windows 10 instructions, simply select Settings > System > Default apps > Email and choose eM Client. Although everything seemed to show eM Client as the default email program, on our computer MYOB® continued to use Outlook 2016 and crash after the 1st email.

Research revealed numerous users were having problems getting Windows 10 to do what it should with regards to default programs. We eventually managed to get MYOB® to identify and use eM Client. Based on our research, this is what we did:
  • Opened 'Control Panel' (searched Windows and enter 'Control Panel')
  • Changed 'View By' to 'Small icons'
  • Selected 'Programs and Features'
  • Selected 'Turn Windows features on or off'
  • Ensured Net Framework 3.5 has a tick next to it, not a solid square
  • Clicked Ok. Windows restarted as we made a change here
  • Opened 'Control Panel' again
  • Selected 'Default Programs'
  • Selected 'Set your default programs'
  • Selected eM Client from scroll list on left
  • Selected 'Set this program as default'
  • Clicked OK
After doing the above, MYOB® used eM Client as the default email program and we were able to send multiple emails from MYOB AccountRight Plus® v19.9 as well as from MYOB AccountRight Premier® v19.11.

Perhaps there is an easier way to ensure eM Client is actually set as the default. On your computer you may not have to do all of the above. However if MYOB® continues to use Outlook, we would suggest you follow all of the above steps.


**Update!! - 21 Feb 2016

We have just been advised that the emailing problem in Office 2016 (32 bit) was caused by a change made by Microsoft to one of the dll files (MSMAPI32.DLL) used when other programs need to send an email. Normally when Microsoft updates a dll file, they ensure it is backward compatible so existing programs can continue to use the dll file. Seems with Office 2016 something was overlooked. Numerous programs that have email sending capability were affected by this change - not just MYOB® v19.

We were also provided with a link to a fix. We have just tested it and can confirm it seems to solve the issue. We were able to send over 20 emails from MYOB® v19.9 and v19.11 using Outlook 2016 without MYOB® crashing! If interested you can download a zip file from here. There are instructions in a txt file inside the zip.

We would be every interested to hear from any who try this and we will update this page with results. Particularly would be interested to hear if the fix caused any problems else where. Note that the fix can easily be 'undone' should you experience any difficulties.

Update 1 Mar 2016
All users who have tried this fix and have provided feedback have advised it has worked and as yet no reports of adverse effects.

Note 1: The modified .dll (MSMAPI32.dll) file poses no risk to your use of Outlook or Outlook data files etc. The dll file is an API used when other programs need to use an Outlook feature. The patch simply removes a short line of code that triggered the error, a line not normally executed.

The only risk is that another program that also uses the API might be affected if that program was coded to make use of this line. If you have another program that no longer emails correctly after applying the fix, simply undo the change and continue to use your original .dll file. Please advise us as well.

Note 2: Instructions that come in the zip file refer to v19.8 to v19.11 however it is not restricted to these versions of MYOB. The change is to an Outlook API, so in theory will work with any Classic MYOB version. We have had reports from MYOB v18 users saying it has solved this email (Outlook 2016) issue for them.


Are you using v19 and still renewing your MYOB subscription? Read this

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