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Providing tax tables since 2010.

We are an Adelaide based company specialising in solving issues for MYOB® users. We started with PAYG tax tables and expanded to repairs, conversion, confirmation issues etc.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

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FGH File Utility for .myo files

For .myox files see here instead

As part of our Data Repair Service we found that there are a number of recurring 'weaknesses' in MYOB® and one of the main areas is in terms of Balances - specifically things being 'out of balance'. To assist with diagnosis and repair we developed a program to analyse a Classic MYOB® Windows Based versions of MYOB®
For those new to MYOB®, there are 2 streams of Windows based programs both called AccountRight®:
  • Classic MYOB® The stream that MYOB® users have used for up to 20 years. This stream is desktop only, and the current version number is v19.16 (19.sixteen). This stream of AccountRight is referred to by existing MYOB® users as the 'good' version. Classic MYOB® company files have a .myo extension.

  • MYOB® Live The new stream MYOB Australia released in 2011, which is for desktop or cloud. This is the only version available to new users, and MYOB Australia is desperately trying to get every existing Classic user to upgrade to this version instead - there is a good reason many refuse to upgrade. The current version number is AR2024. Live MYOB® company files have a .myox extension.

company file. We decided to make this program available to MYOB® users to assist with identifying problem areas in their company files. We have called this program File Utility and it will analyse any .myo file including the latest v19.16 (19.sixteen).

It will also analyse AccountEdge® files up to Pro 13, however the program must be run on a Windows PC.

Net Assets
While File Verification checks that the various links in the file are correct, there is no check made of various Balances. For example users often only find out at the end of a financial year, when they send their file to the Accountant for end of year tax reporting, that their Net Assets figure does not equal Equity. Something has gone wrong and MYOB® never picked this up.

Account Activity
MYOB® tracks account activity on a monthly basis. Everytime a transaction affects an account balance, MYOB® updates the total Monthly Activity for that account. If a transaction is deleted, MYOB® again updates Monthly Activity - well most times anyway. The key thing is that MYOB® uses these Monthly Activity Totals when generating Financial Statements, not the actual transactions in the file. Of course the 2 should agree, so sure is MYOB® of this, it doesn't bother to check. Trouble is, in some cases the transactions in the file do not agree with the Monthly Activity Totals, even if there has not been a corruption in the file.

Card Balances
While MYOB® tracks Account Activity on a monthly basis, Card Balances are simply a running total. For Customers, when a Sale (or a Receive Payment) is recorded, the transactions are recorded in the Sales Register and Debtors, and then the Card Balance is updated. Same thing with Suppliers with Purchases and Pay Bills. So the Card Balance should always match the transactions in the Register. Unfortunately this is far too often not the case, nor does MYOB® check.

Correcting Card Balances
If a Customer or Supplier Card balance is incorrect, you can use the FGH File Utility to correct the outstanding balance.

According to MYOB, the reason for Cards out of balance is usually as a result of an incorrectly entered Finance Charge. Before using File Utility to adjust Card Balances, users should check this Support Note and/or this forum post to identify (and perhaps fix) the cause of the out of balance. If you have Cards out of balance, you should check your Receivables or Payables Reconciliation. If there is no Reconciliation Discrepancy, using the approach in the Support Note and/or forum post may be more appropriate than simply changing the Card Balance, as the Debtors or Creditors accounts balances will also need adjustment. It is important to consider the impact of any change to Card Balances before proceeding.

Password Reset
If an Administrator password has been set, the File Utility will allow you to reset it. Look under 'File Dates etc' button. The cost of a code is $40.00.

File Utility will:
  • Display key data from your file - version details, name, dates, serial number etc
  • Display a record count from all of the internal tables
  • Check if the Balance Sheet is 'balanced'
  • Allow you to reset Administrator password without uploading your file
  • Scan for future dated transactions
  • Check that Monthly Account Activity Totals match with actual transactions in the file
  • Check that Card Balances match with transactions in the Sale and Purchases Registers - and allow you to fix if appropriate
  • Scan for Excess Cost of Sales Adjustments

You can download FGH File Utility - MYO from our Download page. It is free to use to analyse your company file - we just ask users to report any errors so we can update the program if necessary. The program comes as an .exe file and does not need to be installed nor does it require Administrator privileges. It will run from a USB flash drive.

A code is required if you need to correct Card Balances - purchase via an on-screen link.

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