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Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

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Our view on AR2024 - Still DON'T!!!

See a Case Study

Updated 22 Dec 2018
In case you were wondering, the current version of AccountRight Live is AR2018.4 and many problems still persist. MYOB have focussed on adding features rather than fixing bugs and performance issues. Due to STP and MYOB's refusal to add STP support to v19, users were forced to upgrade to AR2018.4.

Many of these users have large files and they soon discovered new issues - AR2018.4 does not handle large files very well (MYOB staff recommend a file size no greater than 300 MB). Users report performance issues, frequent System.OutOfMemoryExceptions and crashes.

Initially MYOB staff blamed these System.OutOfMemoryExceptions errors on the user's computer, not having enough memory. They eventually realised after a large number of complaints that this was an issue with how the software was coded. In late 2018 MYOB started a project to understand the issues those with larger files were having.

See this recent forum post as an example

Please fix your software

In addition many users see messages like 'No Records exist or match your criteria' when using the Transaction Journal or 'There's no information to display' when generating Reports. See an example here - No Records Exist.

Updated 1 Mar 2017
See this 8 page forum topic - refers to AR2016.3 (latest version as at 1 Mar 2017) - here

Note: This page was originally written approx 12 months after AR2011 was released - and has been updated several times. The current version sold by MYOB Aust is AR2024. To be fair there have been improvements since AR2011 was released. There have been approx 13 major fixes - many of the bugs have been fixed - but many remain a low priority and have not been fixed. Many users are frustrated with even the latest AR2024. See here for a recent example - as well as link in 1st para.

It is unfortunate a new user cannot directly purchase the v19 range of Plus products, they must either look for a reseller with old stock or buy off ebay. (Update - MYOB Australia is now allowing new purchasers to use v19.16 instead of AR2024, but only if the purchaser asks for it.)

Most of the comments below still apply. We will not be recommending users upgrade to the AR2024 range of product until the predominant theme on the MYOB Community forums in relation to AR2024 (or AR2017 or 2018 or 2019) is praise from happy users. There are still numerous posts reporting problems (new ones with the latest release) as well as regrets for upgrading to this range.

AR2013.5 focussed heavily on speed improvement, and relative to AR2011 it has improved significantly. But relative to v19 it is still slow, with lots of people having varying issues. See a sample here:

Make myob so you don't have to exit 5 times a day

I hate this program!!!

Bad Move

Painfully Slow

Unbearably slow

If you are thinking of upgrading, we would recommend looking at the most recent posts on the MYOB Community Forum. Look for praise (not from MYOB staff or Partners but regular users). In the meantime the best we can do is offer a downgrade service for those who want to go back to the v19 range. Although the service is costly, a user will recover all the costs, and then some, by using our tax tables. See here for more information about this service.


Original post about AR2011 (and then AR2012)
Much has been said about the current offering from MYOB Australia, (originally AccountRight 2011 and now) AccountRight 2012 (AR2012). The lastest Plus version number is something like 2012.10.14.7949.

If you read the forum posts (even ones as recent as late Dec 2012 - see first link below) and other online articles about AR2011/12 (see some examples in the links below), you will quickly find that there are still many unhappy users and consultants. Many have upgraded - expecting this to be a typical upgrade - only to find its anything but typical.

If we at FGHTables understand correctly, MYOB changed to the SQL style database to address ongoing concerns from multi-users especially those using MYOB® across a network. While the earlier versions generally worked very well for single users, many observers commented on the fact that the earlier MYOB® was not properly designed for a multi-user setup.

MYOB have been criticised for releasing the new version without adequate testing. Despite many service patches and updates, it seems AR2012 is still very slow and still lacks some of the functionality of the version 19 products. While most of the bugs like incorrect totals, missing transactions etc have been addressed, most consultants are still advising their clients to wait and continue using the version 19 products. It seems that there is very little upside at this stage. Perhaps multi-users over large networks have experienced improvements - there are very few reports of users finding AR2011/12 better than version 19.

And then there is the 1 data file limit - look forward to paying extra if you are a new user and want more than 1 datafile.

Tax Tables for AR2011/12?

We will not be offering tax tables for AR2011/12. MYOB Australia are very determined to continue their strategy of "encouraging" users to upgrade in order to secure up to date tax tables. Once they became aware we were able to make tax tables for their products and users now had a choice, with AR2011/12 they have put considerable effort to ensure only tax tables provided by them will work - without modifications to their program. The tax tables are now digitally signed which makes it impossible to duplicate without MYOB's private 1024 bit key.

In earlier versions of MYOB®, the tax tables were loaded into a your datafile only once, when you go through the Setup Load Tax Tables process. MYOB then used these figures whenever payroll was processed. What we have been advised by a software developer who had a look at AR2011/12 was that MYOB have gone to great lengths to ensure tax tables can't be made by others. Every file (including the tax table file) has been digitally signed to ensure it cannot be modified.

When loading the tax tables in AR2011/12, MYOB first checks the digital signature of the file. If confirmed, the tax tables are loaded into a table in the database. The tax table file contents are also stored in another table in the database. Everytime you process payroll, AR2011/12 re-loads the tax tables from one location to the other, after again checking the digital signature. Presumably this is to prevent a user directly accessing to the SQL database to update tax tables. Whatever the reason, it certainly adds to the delays in processing payroll.

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