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We are an independent supplier of tax tables. Our tables are compatible with the specified QuickBooks® versions.

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These tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by Reckon Ltd or Intuit Inc. - Reckon would much rather you subscribed to their Advantage program or upgraded your product version.

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Updated 3rd party Tax Tables
available for the following QuickBooks® versions:

QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.


QuickBooks® Plus, Pro, Premier, Ent.

2011-12 SP1

See FAQ Q16 for QuickBooks® 2012-13
and RA2013 and later

Ideal for those who want just the tax tables,
not Advantage, or a version upgrade.
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Australian tax tables for QuickBooks® products.
Updated for rates applying from 1 July 2016.

New Tax Tables applying from 1 Oct 2016 now available

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All our tax tables have been updated using the ATO PAYG Withholding tax formula for salary or wage payments to employees made between 1 July 2016 1 Oct 2016 and 30 June 2017.

This is an unsual situation brought about by the timing between announced Budget changes and the Federal election. The new tax tables now include the income tax threshold changes announced in the Budget, the indexation changes for HELP/HECS etc and now also the low income Medicare Levy thresholds - which had not been adjusted since 1 July 2014.

So employees earning between $394 and $511 per week will be affected, as will those on higher incomes.

QuickBooks® Tax Tables - Background: When you purchase a QuickBooks® product with payroll, you receive a set of current tax tables as part of the package. These tables are created by Reckon Ltd (based on the tax office formula) and reside in the same folder as the main exe program in a file called 'taxtbl.oz'.

The problem is tax tables become out of date each year as tax rates and/or CPI indexed thresholds change (such as Medicare, HELP and SFSS). New tax tables are not separately available as a download from Reckon Ltd. You must upgrade to a new version of QuickBooks® or subscribe to their support program to receive the latest 'taxtbl.oz' file.

Note: The updated tax tables available exclusively from www.fghtables.com are a substitute for Reckon's 'taxtbl.oz' file. Our tables have been tested and will work with all the above mentioned QuickBooks® versions. They are primarily designed for those users who want to continue to use their existing versions of QuickBooks® and have current tax rates without the need to upgrade. It should be noted that there is nothing in your licence agreement that prevents you using 3rd party tax tables.

However since QuickBooks® 2012-2013 Reckon have taken extra steps to ensure users use only their tax tables. You cannot use 3rd party tax tables without breaching your licence agreement. See Q16 on our FAQ page for more information.


Installation is simple. The tax tables and easy to follow instructions can be instantly downloaded after payment in most instances, or will be emailed to you. After sales email support is available for any installation or setup issues you may encounter with our tables. For those who prefer, we can step you through the process - simply call us on 0427 188 460 when you are ready to proceed.

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