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Providing tax tables since Jul 2010.

We are an independent supplier of tax tables. All our tables are compatible with the specified MYOB® products.

MYOB®, Accounting Plus™, Premier®, AccountRight Plus™, Premier Enterprise®, AccountRight Premier™, AccountRight Enterprise™ and AccountEdge® are registered trademarks of MYOB Technology Pty Ltd

These tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you subscribed to their Cover program.

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Administrator Password Reset - MYOB®

.myo $25 (plus GST)

.myox $45 (plus GST)

Lost or forgotten your password? Locked out of your MYOB® Company File? Staff member who knows password is unavailable?

Whatever the reason, if you don't know the administrator password for your Company Data File, we can quickly (call if urgent) reset that password in all company files (.dat .prm .myo .myox) as well as a host of other file types.

With MYOB® files, the administrator password cannot be recovered, it can only be reset. This applies to .myo and .myox files. If you would like us to reset your password, you will need to zip (using Winzip or Winrar etc) then email it or upload it to our server. We will maintain the highest standards of confidentiality with your data.

Click here to reveal email address.

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Lost Passwords - 100's of other file types

We now offer an efficient
Password Recovery/File Access Service

from $25 (plus GST)

Password protection has come a long way in the past few years. Every program uses its own system for protecting a file. Password protection is necessary, but being human, sometimes we forget what password we used to protect a file.

Some protection systems are relatively easy to breach, they are designed to keep out nosey neighbours, rather than a skilled professionals. Others use military-like encryption as if they are protecting a battle strategy room during a war.

What this means to those of us who have unfortunately found ourselves locked out of our own file, is that some passwords can be recovered and some cannot - atleast not within your lifetime.

With some protection systems, although the password cannot be recovered, access can be restored by clearing or resetting the password. In other cases, even if a password cannot be recovered or reset, the file can be decrypted and you can access the data by creating an unencrypted copy of the file.

The bottom line is with some files, until the file is analysed, we cannot tell if it can be accessed or not.

The following is a list of File Types where access can be restored in 80-90% of cases:

PDF files
Sage ACT files
Symantec ACT files
Filemaker Pro files
MS Access files*
MS Excel files*
MS Powerpoint files*
MS Word files*
MYOB files
Peachtree files
QuickBooks files
Quicken files
Word Perfect files

* unless 128bit encryption used.

We can quickly assess and advise if recovery is possible (and price) on any file type.

If you would like access to a file restored, please use email address or upload address above. Payment is not required until we have been able to restore access to your file or data.

Click here to reveal upload address.

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