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We are an Adelaide based supplier of PAYG tax tables for MYOB®. All our tax tables are compatible with the specified MYOB® versions.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

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Single Currency Conversion Service

from $132*

Premier® and Enterprise® (multi currency Versions)

Certain MYOB® products support multiple currencies. Once a foreign currency has been used in a transaction, the multiple currency preference can no longer be switched off. This means if want to upgrade to AR2019.3, you cannot use this file. Until now, the only option you had was to create a new file.

Simply deleting all foreign currency transactions doesn't seem to work. In some cases, even if you have never used foreign currencies, MYOB® won't let you switch off the multiple currency preference, and so your file cannot be upgraded.

What we offer

When it comes to a company file with the multiple currency preference switched ON, there are 3 options we can provide which will allow you to use your existing company file and upgrade to AR2019.3.
  • Option A - If you have never used a foreign currency but are unable to switch off the preference, we can switch it off, allowing your file to be upgraded as it is - cost $132*.

  • Option B - If you used foreign currencies in a prior year transactions only, (or if used in current year you will delete all and re-enter post upgrade) we can remove the foreign currency transactions from the prior years and switch off the preference in the file, allowing your file to be upgraded without the foreign currency transactions - cost between $198 - $275*.

  • Option C - If you have used foreign currencies in the current year (and/or prior years) and are unable to delete them, we can convert them to single currency transactions, and switch off the preference, allowing your file to be upgraded with all existing transactions - cost $320*.

Note: None of the options allow you to use foreign currencies in AR2019.3. Our single currency conversion service simply allows your file to be upgraded to AR2019.3. If you continue to have foreign currency transactions, you will need to develop a new method of dealing with them in MYOB® as AR2019.3 does not at present support foreign currency transactions.

Option A - The Details. Your file must not have any foreign currency tags - to check, download our File Utility program from here, run it, select your company file and click the Record Count button. This should show '0' next to '46 curtg' - if the count is more than zero, this will be highlighted in yellow.

Your file will be returned as a v19 file with the multiple currency preference switched off. You can then upgrade the file to AR2019.3, or we can do this for you for an additional $55**.

Option B - The Details. Your file must not have any open foreign currency invoices, and so no foreign currency debtors or creditors. Your file will be returned much as it is, minus any use of a foreign currency, and minus the actual foreign currency transactions - nothing else will be purged or deleted. Any Card that is linked to a foreign currency will now be linked to the local currency. All of the foreign currency accounts will remain in the file as they are, including if their is any balance in any of them, which will be in local currency.

As preparation we recommend you remove any balance from any of the foreign currency accounts, by journalling to another account. Create a Suspense account or use Retained Earnings. This way you can then deal with these amounts once the file is returned, and delete the foreign currency accounts.

Your file will be returned as a v19 file with the multiple currency preference switched off. You can then upgrade the file to AR2019.3, or we can do this for you for an additional $55**.

Option C - The Details. In is important you understand how MYOB® handles foreign currency transactions. MYOB® treats every amount equally, however some numbers are prefixed with a foreign currency symbol to indicate it is representing a foreign currency amount.

For every foreign currency transaction there is a 2nd transaction. The primary transaction is displayed as a foreign currency amount such as $US 1000, the secondary transaction is often hidden and displays the $AUD difference.

For example, say at the time of a Sale for $US 1000, the $AUD equalled $US 0.70, so $US 1000 = $AUD 1428.57.

The debit side of the primary transaction is posted to the USD Receivable Account (Debtors) as 1000 (prefixed with $US) with the credit side posted as 1000 to Sales Income (no $US prefix).

The debit side of the secondary transaction is posted to the $US Receivable Exchange Account (Debtors) as 428.57 with the credit side posted as 428.57 also to Sales Income (no $US prefix on either).

Together these transactions make up the $AUD equivalent where $US 1000 = $AUD 1428.57. This process ensures that financial statements etc always reflect the 'true' total $AUD equivalent. The same process happens with a Purchase invoice.

Your file will be returned as an AR2019.3 .myox file. All of the transactions and screens will look similar to how they looked in Premier v19 with a few notable differences:
  • All amounts are displayed in local currency (both the primary transaction and the secondary, so no prefixes) - it will be up to you to recognise that a particular transaction was originally a foreign currency amount and so the $1000 amount on an invoice screen may refer to $US 1000 - same with any Debtors or Creditors. This transaction will also have a secondary transaction in the Exchange account reflecting the difference between the foreign currency and the local currency at the time of the transaction.

  • Currency Gain/loss field will not be present on a Pay Bills or Receive Payment screen.

  • The Recap transaction screen for what was a foreign transaction will displays only the 'primary' record, will not include the currency gain/loss, nor provide the option to display in local currency.

  • All foreign currencies and links to foreign currency related accounts will be removed.

Everything else will be the same as how it looks and works in Premier v19 - all Find Transaction screens, Transactions Journals, Account Balances, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss statements etc.

To make the transition simpler, if you have open foreign currency invoices or debit/credit notes (and therefore foreign debtors and creditors) we strongly recommend you either delete or close these and re-enter post upgrade. This will allow you to monitor and correctly process receipts (Receive Payments) and process Pay Bills using the correct amounts. MYOB® will not use the foreign currency Receivable/Payable or Exchange Accounts when processing payments as these will no longer be linked.

To check for open invoices and credit or debit notes, generate a Receivables Reconciliation Summary report as at today's date for all currencies except AUD - there should be 'Nothing to Print'. See here for an example of how to generate this report. Do the same for Payables.

Below are some screen shots comparing the original Premier v19 file with the AR2019.3 file after it has been converted and upgraded.

Screenshot 5

In most cases your file will be returned to you the same day, provided payment has been made.

What you will need to do

Upload your file at the upload address available below and then send us an email with the Administrator password, return email address, as well as a brief explanation of what you want done to the file.

Click here to reveal email address.

Click here to reveal upload address.

For more information send us an email or use the Contact Us page.

*For company files up to 200Mb in size (look under Company Data Auditor). Contact us for price is you have a larger file.

** Provided the request to upgrade is made at the time of conversion. Upgrades requests made after the converted file has been returned will be charged at the normal upgrade fee of $88.00 - see Upgrading to AR2019.3

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Last updated 17 Aug 2017