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Payment Summary Changes for FY 2017

All employers will be affected

In mid Jan 2017 the ATO released new Payment Summary specifications v12.0.0 to incorporate payments to Working Holiday Makers as well as changes to Fringe Benefits reporting. These changes were to apply only to those employers affected, that is employers who made payments under the new Working Holiday Maker provisions (see here) and those who paid Exempt Fringe Benefits to their employees. Unaffected employers could continue to use existing compliant specifications (v9 and higher).

However in mid Feb 2017 the ATO yielded to pressure from software developers and released specification v12.0.1 (see extract here) which shows for 2017 Payment Summaries v5.3.0 is required and for the PSAR or EMPDUPE file v12.0.0 or v12.0.1 is required.

The change from v12.0.0 means the changes apply to ALL employers. So whether you make payments to Working Holiday Makers or not, the Payment Summaries generated by any existing MYOB® product (Classic v19.13 or earlier and Live AR2016.3 or earlier) will not comply with the published ATO Specifications for the 2016/17 financial year Payment Summaries.

Expect more than the usual sales pressure tactics from MYOB this June (and warn your clients).

Note: the silence from the ATO on this matter is 'deafening' - In the past they have left such announcements to the last minute. If you are not notifed by the ATO about the changes, or if in doubt about your situation, check with the ATO.

Payment Summaries for 2017
Those employers who want to keep using their existing version of MYOB® will be pleased to know there is an alternative to a $1104 update from MYOB Aust. We recommend using EMPDUPE Maker from Namich to ensure your payment summaries and EMPDUPE file comply with the lastest Specifications. The current cost of this program is $65 and more details are available here.

This program will allow you to open the EMPDUPE file generated by your existing version of MYOB®, make changes for the employees affected, and generate new Payment Summaries and a new EMPDUPE file that comply with ATO Specifications v12.0.1. The program can also be used to generate Amended Payment Summaries.

Namich has just released (Mar 2017) an updated version of EMPDUPE Maker (Release 4) to support the new 2016/17 Payment Summary requirements. Click here to see what the 2016/17 Payment Summaries (v5.3.0) will look like.

Update - 10 June 2017 - The ATO just clarified the 2016/17 Payment Summary situation as follows:

From the ATO website for software developers:

'Acceptable versions of the PAYG withholding payment summary annual report specification for the 2016–17 financial year

Your users are now able to use version 12 of the payment summary annual report (PSAR) reporting specifications to lodge their 2016–17 annual report through the portals. If you are unable to update your software to comply with version 12 of the PSAR reporting specifications, your users may still report for the 2016-17 financial year using versions 9, 10 or 11 software.

However, your users will be required to use ATO printed forms for both their payment summary and annual report if they are:

  • using pre-version 12 software, and
  • have workers who are:
    • working holiday makers (WHM) employed from 1 January 2017, or
    • in receipt of exempt fringe benefits.
Your users will also be required to use ATO forms if earlier versions do not apply to their payee’s circumstances (e.g. payees with non-super annuities and employees with foreign employment or employment termination payments).

The 2016–17 financial year will be the last year that we will accept PSARs using versions 9, 10 and 11. For the 2017–18 financial year, we will only accept PSARs using version 12 (and version 13 when finalised).'

So contrary to what the ATO advised software developers in Feb 2017, most employers will be able to continue with their existing Payment Summary versions for one more year. If however the ATO does not accept your EMPDUPE file, get hold of EMPDUPE Maker as per above link as that program will generate fully compliant payment summaries.

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Last updated 10 June 2017