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Providing tax tables since 2010.

We are an Adelaide based supplier of PAYG tax tables for MYOB®. All our tax tables are compatible with the specified MYOB® versions.

Our tax tables have not been endorsed and are not supported by MYOB Australia - MYOB would much rather you upgraded or subscribed to Cover or AccountRight Live.

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Mac AccountEdge® to Windows AccountRight®
File Conversion Service


MYOB now have 3 product streams:
  • AccountRight® Classic (latest version is 19.16 - Windows based and uses .myo file)
  • AccountRight® Live (latest version is AR2021 - Windows based and uses .myox file)
  • AccountEdge® (latest version is v18.6 - Mac based and uses .myo file)

Upgrading files
MYOB® software has an inbuilt 'file upgrade' function allowing you to switch between the product streams.
  • AccountRight® Live can upgrade AccountRight® Classic files but not AccountEdge® files
  • AccountEdge® can upgrade AccountRight® Classic files (up to v19.12)
  • AccountRight® Classic cannot use AccountRight® Live or AccountEdge® files

Converting from AccountEdge® to AccountRight® Classic or AccountRight® Live
Since AccountEdge® v9.6, company files can no longer be used interchangeably between a Mac and Windows PC. While a file can be 'upgraded' from AccountRight® Classic to AccountEdge® v11 or later, there is no provision to go from AccountEdge® back to v19, and therefore from AccountEdge® to AccountRight® Live.

Do you want to convert your company file from AccountEdge® to AccountRight® Classic, or to AccountRight® Live?

Or are you being forced to convert to AccountRight® due to issues with AccountEdge® and Catalina?

We can convert your AccountEdge® company file (Pro v18.6 or earlier) to an AccountRight® Classic v19 company file. You can immediately use your file in any v19 product (Plus, Premier Enterprise etc)** and any version from v19.0 to v19.16 without any loss of data - other than information related to AccountEdge® specific features - see below.

AR2021 - AccountRight® Live
After converting your file to AccountRight® Classic v19, if your file meets the requirements (no negative inventory, no pre-existing Verifications Errors or file corruptions etc), and you have done your research about all the issues (including file size issues), you can then upgrade it to AR2021.

If you would like us to convert from AccountEdge® to AccountRight® Classic (v19) and then upgrade it to AccountRight® Live (AR2021) for you, we charge an extra $55 provided the request to upgrade is made at the time of conversion***. Upgrades requests made after the converted file has been returned will be charged at the normal upgrade fee of $88.00 - see Upgrading to AR2021

If your file uses multi-currency, while we can convert it to v19, we cannot upgrade your file to AR2021, you will need to upload the v19 file to MYOB for them to upgrade the v19 file to AR2021. At this stage MYOB's Upgrader cannot upgrade multi-currency files without intervention from MYOB staff.

For those AccountEdge® users who want to switch to Xero, most of the available conversion services can convert an AccountRight® Classic v19 MYOB file to Xero, but not an AccountEdge® file. After we convert your AccountEdge® file to AccountRight® Classic v19, it can then also be converted to Xero by any of the Xero conversion services - including by those who provide a free conversion service - contact us for details.

From AE v18.6 to an earlier AE version
After converting your file to v19, like any v19 file, it can then be 'upgraded' to AE v11 or later. This might be useful for those who have upgraded their file to a later versions such as AE v18.6 and now want to use it with an earlier version, such as AEv11 or v12 or where another user 'accidentally' upgraded your file and recorded transactions in the later version. Note that during this process, you may lose some information related to AccountEdge® specific features - see below.

I was told my only option was to start a new file and import my transactions
Prior to our NEW conversion service, this was unfortunately the only option. Some forum posts, bookkeepers, consultants, (even staff at MYOB), tell clients they can create a new file from their existing file by exporting and then importing all the data into a new v19 company file. This is true, but your file will not be the same. What they often don't tell you is:

MYOB cannot export:
  • Pay Bills transactions
  • Receive Payment transactions
  • Payroll transactions
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Payroll Categories
  • User Accounts
  • Preferences
Also you cannot import prior year transactions.

Basically importing is a difficult process to master, and sometimes many transactions will either be rejected, or not processed, such as some credits and refunds. There is quite a bit of 'tidying up' required. Bank reconciliations are another problem area. The outcome is often less than what the client expected and costs far more - see this forum post as an example.

For some, the other alternative was to re-enter every transaction into a new file.

Fortunately there is another option.

What we offer
An efficient and cost effective way to go from AccountEdge® to a Windows based version of MYOB® without any loss of data (other than AccountEdge® specific features and STP settings) and minimal downtime. In most cases your file will be returned to you the same day.

This is not an export/import re-building process, your actual file is converted (re-formatted to suit the AccountRight® Classic format), and will include all transactions, recurring transactions, payroll, sales history, contact log, preferences etc. Every transaction and setting will be as it was in your AccountEdge® file. The only thing you may need to re-do is rebuild any customised forms and reports (as these cannot be converted from AccountEdge formats) and STP settings.

Pre Upgrade Housekeeping
If you intend to upgrade your AccountEdge® file to AccountRight® Live (AR2021), before uploading for conversion, we recommend you complete the 'housekeeping' tasks as recommended by MYOB Australia in this - Support Note.

What you will need to do
Upload your file at the upload address available below and then send us an email with the Administrator password, billing information, let us know if the file has any pre-existing errors or corruptions, as well as return email address.

The converted file can be used in the AccountRight® Classic v19 product immediately, until you reach the current expiry date in that file. However if the file is upgraded to AR2021, the file will be read-only until Activated with a new serial number. MYOB seem reluctant to allow users to trial AR2021 with their own file.

Serial Number
Your AccountEdge® serial number will not work in AR2021. You will need to make arrangements with MYOB to switch the serial number from AccountEdge® to AccountRight® - we suggest you 'upgrade' rather than purchase a new AR2021 licence as this will preserve your current company file entitlements.

In terms of the serial number, if you intend to upgrade to AR2021, AR2021 comes with a Change Serial Number function, so you do not need to remove the existing serial number.

The serial number will only need to be removed if you intend to use the company file in v19 with a new serial number. If you request the serial number be removed (additional cost $33), on return of the file, you will be able to use it for approx 30 days before you will need to Activate it with a new Serial Number.

AccountEdge® Specific Features
Some versions of AccountEdge® have features not available in the AccountRight® Classic (v19) versions. These include things like Departments, Leads, certain Item Information (Brands, Properties, Tags), Serial Number tracking, Billing Rate Levels, Mileage, Documents and STP settings. Invoice attachments and Calendar Reminders are also not available in AccountRight® Classic (v19).

AccountEdge® Pro 15 also added as a feature the retention of prior year financial statements for up to 5 years. AccountRight® Classic and AccountRight® Live only allow financial statements for one prior year.

While transaction data and balances are accurately brought across, when the file undergoes conversion to AccountRight® Classic (v19), information relating to these AccountEdge® specific features will be lost. You will also have to rebuild any customised forms, reports, and any STP settings as these cannot be converted.

Upgrading to AR2021
When converting from AccountEdge®, the company file is first converted to AccountRight v19 (this is also an .myo file). There are no issues or inconsistencies between the AccountEdge® file and the v19 file.

However when upgrading to AR2021 (an .myox file), you should be aware that MYOB's Upgrader still has a number of bugs. For example employee Entitlements is one area users often report discrepancies between their v19 file and the AR2021 file after upgrade. Manual adjustments are often required.

There are also some other lesser known bugs such as multiple payments on Orders. These do not upgrade correctly. Unfortunately this upgrade process is out of our hands as it is not something we can control.

Click here to reveal email address.

Click here to reveal upload address.

Note: AccountRight 2020 was designed for a Windows PC and will not run on a Mac unless you use Parallels or VMware etc. Many Mac users run AR2021 this way, however you may need assistance from an IT consultant to set it up.

For more information about any of the above send us an email or use the Contact Us page.

* For error free AccountEdge® company files up to 200Mb in size (look under Company Data Auditor) converted to AccountRight® Classic v19.12 - $242. For conversion to AccountRight® Live - $297. Contact us for price is you have a larger file. Download link to converted file will be emailed once payment made.

** If multi-currency was used, the file can only be opened in Premier®. If multi-locations have been used, it can only be opened in Enterprise® - we can also convert a file from multi-location to single location (extra fee) so it can be used in Plus® or Premier®. If negative inventory has been used, unless it can be switched off, the converted file can only be opened in Enterprise®

*** The reason being, provided you have AR2021 any user can upgrade the v19 file for free. We have converted over 1000 AccountEdge® files, which the client then has then successfully upgraded to AR2021. The upgrade does take time (between 30mins to several hours depending on the file) and sometimes there are issues in the v19 file that need to be corrected first.

The most common issue concerns Recurring Transactions. The Upgrader cannot handle some recurring transaction types, nor if there are more than 256 characters in a Description field, when a transaction is updated, AR2021 simply truncates the Description, however for some strange reason, if a happens on a recurring transaction, the upgrade will fail.

Other examples are things like tax codes that don't have a linked account, a common one is N-T where no account is linked for GST Paid, v19 does not require this, however AR2021 does. A 3rd example is an employee with no tax table linked, again v19 will allow this however AR2021 will not. There are numerous other less common issues that users encounter.

Then there are the less common (but no less annoying):
Inserting Constraints: A foreign key value cannot be inserted because a corresponding primary key value does not exist.
Inventory Table: The data was truncated while converting from one data type to another.

The above examples all come from the MYOB Community Forum when users have posted upgrade error messages. These issues (if present) must be fixed in order for the upgrade to AR2021 to be successful.

If we do the upgrade to AR2021, and there are issues with Recurring Transactions - we will delete all of these, as some files have hundreds and the exact ones causing the issue can be difficult to identify. As such you may need to re-create recurring transactions as you use the AR2021 file.

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Page updated 11 Feb 2020